Possibility thinking is not something we need to invent. It is just waiting to be released. There is a psychology of Possibility Thinking because Possibility Thinking is as natural as happiness and love. The modern world is ripe for possibility thinkers, while at the same time creating conditions that dampen and even turn possibility thinking. When we help you open these close doors, you will transform and so willy our world as you know it.

The flow that is required for probability thinking is blocked or frustrated in numerous ways. There are well known issues such as limiting beliefs and conservative attitudes, but there are much more important and restrictive problems that affect people without their conscious awareness. Threat, danger, fear, anger, demands, predictability, and expectations will turn off the possibility networks and shut down possibility thinking.

The most important mental quality for possibility thinking is curiosity, but curiosity has been pared down, limited and even turned into a stressful demand. The new science of Dynamic Curiosity also has a neuroscience framework, but explains how to create a forward looking, interested, positive anticipation for the future which then creates a fearlessness and clarity of mind that is the fertile state for transformational expansion into what is not yet known.